Jolla on juuri laittanut sähköpostia, jossa on ohjeet kuinka saada Jolla Launcher Androidille. Jolla Launcher on tällä hetkellä alfa-testauksessa ja mukaan pääsee noin pari sataa hakijaa.

Jolla Launcher tuo tutun Sailfish teeman Android-laitteellesi. Myös suurin osa kosketustoiminnoista on mukana, poislukien kaksoisnäpäytys herätys. Myöskään Sailfishistä tuttu eventsview ei ole vielä käytössä.

Mukana tulee myös kaksi uutta tunnelmaa Oobcreative ja Oobplayful, jotka näyttävät aivan loistavilta.

Jos siis hait Jolla Launcherin alfa testaukseen, niin kannattaa käydä tarkistamassa sähköpostisi, siellä voi olla kiva yllätys Jollalta.

Video Jolla Launcherista on tulossa huomenna.

Release Notes:

Key features

Experience Jolla User interface on your Android phone:

Open phone via Jolla lock screen
observe time and other indicators
use pulley menu to quickly mute the device or open phone/settings /camera application
Start Android applications from Jolla application grid
Swipe back to home from any application
See Running applications in application covers
application cover shows partly screen capture of Android application
Go back to application by pressing it’s cover
Select Ambience from Ambience menu
some preselected Ambiences are provided
With top swipe you can get access to Android events view
Android status bar is normally hidden on the launcher
Jolla Launcher UI tutorial
First time when started, there is a tutorial to learn the basics of Jolla Launcher UI
Jolla Launcher is based on Sailfish OS Update 7 level code & functionality.

Supported devices

This release is targeted for Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices running Android 4.3 or later. Release can be installed in many other devices as well, which run Android 4.3 or later but there might be severe issues in those devices.

Known issues

This release of Jolla Launcher includes the Home screen and lock screen from Sailfish OS, without the Events view. Events and notification “hints” are shown on Jolla Launcher lock screen, and events can be accessed via regular Android notification bar accessible via swiping from top of screen.

SIM PIN query dialog/window may be hidden during device startup, but it should appear at some point
Sometimes only way to go back to call UI during active call is via Android events view (swiping from top of the screen and pressing active call event)
No Android application uninstallation from Jolla home
Applications can be removed from Jolla application grid, but they are not uninstalled from the Android system
Random freezes and crashes can occur from time to time
Screen capture on covers is updated after swiping second time to home from application
Sometimes /in some devices screen captures don’t work reliably

If you want to report bugs, please do as instructed:

How to report bugs

Please report issues via
Always include jolla-launcher tag to your report.
Please also use other descriptive tags, like LG, Nexus4, 4.4.2 and so on.
Please check what are the existing tags that people have already used in order to reduce our filtering work.

If such crash happens in Jolla Launcher that Google crash report function is started, please allow it to send crash report to us via Google Play. Also, please write your email & some description to user data field in order to help us to hunt down the root cause.

Our main target at first is to get Jolla Launcher stable on known reference device (Nexus 4/5). Bugs for other devices will be taken account when time & resources allow us. We have already discovered many device / brand specific Android launcher implementations, that can cause some issues for Jolla Launcher.


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