Aloitamme uuden juttusarjan, jossa tutustumme Jollan henkilöstöön ja tänään haastattelu vuorossa on Jollan teknologiajohtaja Stefano Mosconi. Haastattelu on englannin kielinen.

JollaSuomi: So who are you and can you tell me about your history little bit.

Stefano: I am Stefano, 35 yo, Italian. After graduation in the University of Rome as a TLC engineer and having worked a couple of yrs in Italy I moved to Finland in 2005 to work in Nokia on OSSO (Linux Tablet Nokia 770).

I started as sysadmin in the Integration team (the team that puts together all the packages from the different SW asset teams).

OSSO became Maemo, then Meego and the number of devices increased.

In 2011 I was heading the Nokia Meego IT team and the IT team as well.

When Nokia decided to move away from Meego we managed to startup Jolla and we are here now.

JollaSuomi: Why did you join Jolla?

Stefano: I am one of the co-founders… 🙂

JollaSuomi: How big you think Jolla can be and what makes it to become the next
big thing in mobile business?

Stefano: If you mean big in terms of people I hope we don’t grow too much to keep being agile and keep focusing on innovation

There have been too many ”next big things” in mobile business and I don’t honestly know how to answer that question.

We are putting in this all our love and passion and that is the big thing for all of us.

JollaSuomi: How do you feel working in Finland?

Stefano: It’s an amazing place to work and live. I love it! If dining was a bit cheaper I would love it even more 😀

JollaSuomi: What is your all time favorite smartphone ex. Jolla 😉

Stefano: I have a thing for my first Nokia smartphone Nokia 6630, IMHO it marked the beginning of an era.

N9 is my personal favorite though.

JollaSuomi: What is your favorite word?

Stefano: I think it is passion.

JollaSuomi: What is your most disliked word?

Stefano: Opportunity.

JollaSuomi: What work would you do if u wouldn’t work at Jolla?

Stefano: I would probably work as an sysadmin/team leader as I was doing before.

But honestly I would have liked to be a cook. 😀

JollaSuomi: What’s the best thing in mobile world?

Stefano: That’s a difficult one…

Qt I would say. But it is not yet so much in the mobile world, though we are taking it there.

JollaSuomi: What is your favorite Finnish word?

Stefano: Hääyöaie. Just because it took me so long to learn how to pronounce it ;D

Iso kiitos Stefanolle, koska hän löysi aikaa meidän haastattelullemme.

Muistakaa myös seurata Stefanoa Twitterissä: @zzste


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