Kolmannessa haastattelussa tutustumme Jollan Community Chief Carol Cheniin. Haastattelu on englanniksi ja voit lukea sen kokonaisuudessaan seuraavalta sivulta.

JollaSuomi: So who are you and can you tell me about your history little bit.

Carol: Hi! I’m Carol Chen, Community Chief at Jolla. You can find me in major online channels as cybette. While doing my graduate studies at The University of Texas at Dallas, I started an internship with Nokia, which opened my eyes to many possibilities in the mobile world. I left my CS doctoral candidacy with the title ”ABD” (all but dissertation).

In Nokia, I’ve done testing/development/integration work with S30/S40/S60/S90 platforms. Pretty much everything except Maemo/MeeGo ironically.

JollaSuomi: Why did you join Jolla?

Carol: When Symbian was being ramped down at Nokia, I was also at a crossing point in my life. After 8+ years with the company with great memories, I was thinking of moving away from this industry. However my passion and interest are still in it. Personally I have followed Maemo and MeeGo developments quite closely, and started getting more involved in the MeeGo community on my own time. Following a brief stint as Community Manager of MeeGo Network Finland (voluntary basis), a few of us in the local community founded the non-profit association Devaamo. Long story short, through Devaamo I worked together with Jukka, who introduced me to Marc and Sami, who got me excited about Jolla, and the rest is history.

JollaSuomi: How big you think Jolla can be and what makes it to become the next
big thing in mobile business?

Carol: Jolla is a small boat, and I hope we don’t grow so big that we have to rename it to Laiva! Jokes aside, I think we can grow our business by working with the right partners in the industry, we don’t necessarily have to do everything ourselves. However within the company we have great vision and talents; and with the proper focus, teamwork, right partners in the industry and with the community, we’re on the journey to achieve great things (whether that’s the next big thing in mobile, I don’t know :))

JollaSuomi: How do you feel working in Finland?

Carol: I’ve worked in Taiwan, Singapore, USA and Finland; and I have to say I enjoy working here the most. Friday pulla, sauna team building, what’s not to love? 😀

JollaSuomi: What is your all time favorite smartphone ex. Jolla 😉

Carol: This is a tough one. The Nokia 6630 was the first smartphone I worked on and used extensively so it has a special place in my heart. My all-time favorite might be the E71. No wait the N950. I have a thing for qwerty keyboards…

JollaSuomi: What is your favorite word?

Carol: Heart. The human heart is capable of so much. And there are words within the word, e.g. ”hear/ear” to listen and communicate, ”he/her” for the important persons in your life, ”art” representing creativity, and if you switch the letters around, ”earth” where we live on.

JollaSuomi: What is your most disliked word?

Carol: Whatever! (when used as an exclamation). I think it shows indifference, that the person doesn’t care. I’m guilty of having used it occasionally, so I need to work on that.

JollaSuomi: What work would you do if u wouldn’t work at Jolla?

Carol: As mentioned in Qn2, I was thinking about doing something outside of the mobile industry as I was leaving Nokia. I explored options such as going back to school for an MBA, finish off my PhD in CS, and even entertained the thought of medical school for a moment (very brief one). Another dream of mine is to do something with music professionally. For now I’m content playing in the local amateur symphony orchestra, TASO.fi.

JollaSuomi: What’s the best thing in mobile world?

Carol: Gadgets! Can’t have enough of them. And the possibilities they provide.

JollaSuomi: What is your favorite Finnish word?

Carol: Intohimo. When I first heard it, without even knowing what it means, I thought it sounded so lovely. And when I checked its meaning: Passion, I was hooked.

Erittäin iso kiitos Carolille, kun hän löysi aikaa vastata meidän kysymyksiimme. Muistakaa myös seurata Carolia Twitterissä: @cybette


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